Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Top Chef - Las Vegas - Draft

Alright kiddies it is time for Top Cookie –Las Vegas. I tried to mess it up but pulled it together at the last moment. The draft order was arranged by our friends at Research Randomizer (Randomizer.com) the place to go for all your research randomization needs.

We will be drafting in traditional fantasy draft serpentine order (1-5, 5-1).
Top Pick went to Anne and David, Two to Marni and Heath, Three: Josh and Heather, Four: Shawn and Jessica and Five: Brandy and Julia.
So let the drafting begin:
1. Anne and David: Bryan V.
2. Marni and Heath: Kevin
3. Josh and Heather: Jennifer
4. Shawn and Jessica: Michael V.
5. Brandy and Julia: Ashley
6. Brandy and Julia: Eli
7. Shawn and Jessica: Michael I.
8. Josh and Heather: Ash
9. Marni and Heath: Laurine
10. Anne and David: Robin

Fun Fact : Kevin (Beard Award Winner and Wearer) was the number one on everyone’s list except Anne’s. So he slips to number two overall.

So the teams are:
Anne and David: Bryan V., Robin
Marni and Heath: Kevin, Laurine
Josh and Heather: Jennifer, Ash
Shawn and Jessica: Michael V., Michael I.
Brandy and Julia: Ashley, Eli
Best of luck to all.

So to recap the season so far. This season’s cheftestants are heavy on cooking chops but light on personality, and if they do have personality it tends to be bad. Eli who looks like the missing member of Death Cab for Flabby, likes to hate on people with cancer – nice one dude. Ashley, the Uptight-Seattle-Dyke nearly hyperventilated when she had to participate in the marriage challenge. Politics were conveniently missing from all when the top-cookies had to serve up some hash for the USAF Thunderbirds Flight team the following episode. Jennifer really shined in this episode as she transformed to the into the amazing unfeeling humanoid, expediting executive chef-bot. Michael I. is just the kind of arrogant east coast a-hole, that this show loves and the profession seems to attract, kind of like roaches to the five star kitchen on county health inspection day. The Voltaggio Bros. are great cookies, but boring as can be. There is the older uptight one Bryan, and the younger rebel Michael, (you know he is rebel because he has tattoos), sure he has real edgy stuff on the iPod, like Seether and Nickelback. You know he’s alternative. So Captain Ron got tossed overboard last episode, because he couldn’t deconstruct a paella. Which brings the question what sort of places over deconstructed dishes, and if you were at a place and it was offered would you order one? Because if there is anything I love it is paying a lot of money for a large plate with little food on it, that I have to put together myself.

Hot: Kevin, Beardy winning a lot, and avoid any stray facial hairs in his food. He really is talented.

Strugg-el-lean: Ash, this guy still here. I hardly noticed.

On Notice: Robin, chick has got a target on her ass. But she can toss a simply salad and make an apple crisp with the best of them.

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  1. I'm hoping Padma was right and Ashley is this season's dark horse.