Thursday, October 29, 2009

Restaurant Bores

Well I am completely behind on the TC Blog this week. It seems to have gotten off to a rather rocky start, I don’t know if anyone is paying attention or even reading this thing.
It doesn’t help that I am behind a flipping week on this thing. For that I apologize to all of my loyal readers. Today I was told that there is a difference between being lazy and being busy. Busy people are busy, while lazy people are lazy but insist that they are busy, so saying that on with last weeks recap that was so memoribal that I had to run to the Mac to memorilaze it on the blog.

The most memoriable thing about this episode was the quickfire. Teams were chosen by knive block. Jen-bot and Michael V. were the captains. Jen-Bot could’ve really messed things up by picking the other more boring Voltaggio brother. But instead she choose the Kevin and his beard with her first pick. It was the beginnig of very long episode for the cookbot 3000. In the quickfire each member of each time had to cook one dish in 30 minutes, relay style without talking to one another or seeing what happened before them. Jen bot called here dish “trout” when it was very obviously “black fish”. Her mentor Eric Ripert, would’ve Ripert’ed her a new one for that blunder. But “black fish” or no – Jenbot and Kevin from My Morning Jacket’s team did win. The winning team was offered 10 grand for the team, but turned it down for 10 grand a-piece with an elimination win, again another big mistake.

Onto the elimination Revolt and their bad name won. Jennbot screwed the pooch and broke her trout (this time it was trout) sauce. So this week’s episode is on.

Hot: Voltaggio Brothers

Strugg-el-lean: Jenbot, is her circuitry shorting out because of a love of Beard?

On Notice: Robin, it is over, enough already get packing.

1. Anne and David: Bryan V. (5), Robin(2): 7
2. Marni and Heath: Kevin (5), Laurine: 5
3. Josh and Heather: Jennifer (4): 3
3. Shawn and Jessica: Michael V.(3), Michael I. :3
3. Brandy and Julia: Eli(3): 3


  1. That Michael Voltaggio is so arrogant and obnoxious I think his own brother wants to kill him. Speaking of Bryan Voltaggio, has anyone noticed when he tries to smile it looks like his face is going to break? Hopefully one of them will win because I think they are going to need the money for lots of intense family therapy. Go Kevin! To Shawn: I think more people would read your blog if you sent emails out with the link when you write an update. People need to get in the habit. Cheers, Anne

  2. I'm with Anne, gotta let us know when you're posting since you are too busy to post immediately after the shows. That said, Go Eli!!