Saturday, October 10, 2009

LDS (long division series)

I posted this on one of my fantasy football sites on a thread about a possible all LA World Series (Angels v. Dodgers). It was probably too long for there, so I'll post it here instead.

Another good thing about a Southern California World Series is no issue with the weather. The World Series used to start this time of year, now it is weeks off. It used to be that the 162 game season meant something, now it is rendered more and more meaningless. There used to be only two divisions per league. Division winners would face off in best of 5 game League Championship Series to determine World Series participants. Now there are three divisions per league and add the wildcard (which I begrudgingly accept) and the expanded playoffs plus the 162 game season and you're playing baseball into November. Snow is predicted tomorrow (Oct. 11) for the Phillies and Rockies game. Snow in baseball! If the Wildcard stays, which it will because baseball appears unable to make a difficult decision ever (see DH), then the season needs to be shortened about a month. End the regular season at the end of August, and start the baseball postseason when the NFL regular season begins. Have playoffs through September and start WS October 1. This week is the first time I have watched baseball in about 5-6 weeks, and I love baseball. Shame, baseball has become less national and more regional under Selig watch. The pastime deserves better.

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