Thursday, October 15, 2009

It is all so unsurprising

Limbaugh lashes out after Rams bid debacle

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By far the biggest story of the sports week, was something that happened, or in this didn’t happen “outside the lines” The potential sale of the St. Louise Rams to a group of business people one of whom was conservative talk show host, and radio giant (in more was than one) Rush Limbaugh.

The fact that this story has dominated ESPN, Sportsblogs, and sports talk radio this week is UNSURPRISING, considering that baseball has gone out of it’s way to make it and its postseason irrelevant to the American sports fan. (See last few blog posts) Selig’s MLB should be embarrassed that his “fall classic” has been overshadowed by Limbaugh’s considerable girth. This week baseball in its wisdom decided to take the week off, as it was unwilling or unable to reschedule after three of its four-playoff series mercifully ended in sweeps. Maybe Selig thought the week off would be a good idea, so that the World Series could become an even bigger afterthought.

UNSURPRISINGLY NFL Commissioner denied giving Limbaugh’s group his blessing. The NFL hates controversy, and Limbaugh makes his stock and trade in the stuff. The only kind of controversy the NFL likes are “quarterback controversies”, or real hard hitting social issues like should Brett Favre retire or not. Real issues makes the shield squirm, see all the hand wringing about whether or not Michael Vick should play this year. The NFL is in the business of selling family friendly violence, it doesn’t need any politics mudding up the waters, especially racial politics. It is bad enough that every draft time Mel Kipper evaluates the abilities, strength and size of young black men daily for hours at a time.

Had the sale gone through Limbaugh would've eventually said something (sooner rather than later) that the league would've had to apologize for, and shield doesn't want to apologize to anyone for anything ever - see Earl Campbell. It only took Rush four weeks to say something race baiting and stupid when he was a football analyst on ESPN in 2003. The guy can't help himself. This guy doesn’t flirt with controversy he slips it a roofie and bends it over the back of his Buick. The shield know this, these are smart guys, despite the fact that they haven't figured out a way to get a team into LA.

Because of these reasons this sale would've been denied by the league, even if the POTUS was someone Limbaugh approved of. But UNSURPRISINGLY he blamed Obama for his failure, and said that it was “an illustration of "Obama's America on full display."” What “Obama’s America” means to Limbaugh “is the black man is now keeping the white man down”, yes it is just as idiotic as it sounds. In a remarkable evidence it is Rush's world and we’re all just living in it. Limbaugh insisted that this weeks debacle was all a part of the NFL Player’s Association attempt to gain leverage in the upcoming collective bargaining negotiations. (The current deal ends at the end of this year, and it has been over 20 years since the NFL had a work stoppage). All of this jives with Limbaugh and the right’s current narrative that black men (NFLPA) are using underhanded methods to take power from it’s rightful holder, white men (NFL owners). This theme is repeated in many some (non) stories, FOX likes to tell: ACORN, Sotomayor's "reverse racism" and “Obama has no birth certificate” flap are all easy examples.

Got a new follower today, Brandy Elliott, glad to see ya. I know what a huge football fan she is.

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  1. Interesting post Shawn. Rush is a failure as a human being. Anne