Thursday, August 19, 2010

Champagne Supernova.

An Oasis concert is on TV right. It was filmed in 2008 in Wembly Arena, London. It was over ten years since oasis was at the height of their powers, which was really 1995-97. Anyhow the song Champagne Supernova came on, and it was made me think of my friend DD who committed suicide in October of 1995. When Oasis was hugely popular. DD never really liked Oasis, not like I did, but it made me think of him because one line.
“how many special people change/ how many lives are living strange / where were you while we were getting high?”

The night that DD killed himself, I was out my girlfriend, and we went to movies with friends (“Copycat” terrible film), but as was the rule at the time we smoked some weed in the alley behind the theater before going in. So the question where were you while we were getting high? Seems pretty profound, when I think about where DD was, what he was doing, and where his head was. “Where were you while we were getting high?” is the last line of the song and repeated three times.
It’s going to be 15 years since DD’s death. Oasis has long since been done being relevant or even a band, and I have long since quit getting high behind movie theaters or anywhere else for that matter. But that tune always makes me think of DD, that night, and what shame it was.