Sunday, January 24, 2010


Colts over Jets, as much as I like the old school smash mouth football the Jets play, I think that the Colts win. Peyton too good against the blitz.

Saints over Vikings. Let the Favre "will he-won't he" talk begin. In what looks to be a pretty entertaining game I see the Saints pulling away in the 3rd and putting it away in the 4th. New Orleans is a great town with great fans and deserves this victory. Brees and Co. have the tools on both sides of the ball to earn it as well.

last week: 0-4 v. spread, 1-3 straight up
playoffs: 3-5 v. spread, 4-4 straight u

As long as the Colts win we should have an entertaining Superbowl no matter who comes out of the NFC. But New Orleans's food makes for good football party fare.

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