Friday, January 8, 2010

Slow Starting and WildCard Winners

Well we are now 8 days into the New Year and I still haven't got the writing 30 minutes a day thing up and running yet. But this week has been spent finding my feet with the kids and the gym. William had a better day at the child care than before. Today are swimming lessons for both of the kids, a bit nervous about that one, but I am sure it will be fine and that the kids will have fun. Have that West-B test tomorrow, hope that I am not underestimating that test, not passing it would really f'up the program.

Anyhow I guess I will use the blog to post, for the record, winners of this weekend's NFL Playoffs Wild Card Weekend.

Saturday Early - Jets at Bengals. The Jets got into the playoffs by the luck of scheduling playing both the Colts and these same Bengals in Weeks 16 and 17. Neither opponent had anything to play for, while NY had everything to playoff. The Jets rolled and wound up in the playoffs. The Bengals started strong, with a revitalized Carson Palmer and a back from the dead Cedric Benson. Yet they have faded the second half of the year. I am going with the Jets, they have a bit of a swagger, exemplified by Coach Ryan's boast yesterday and are playing loose. The Jets D is fantastic, their play helped to lift my fantasy team -the StLee Cynics, to their first fantasy football championship. So I've got a bit of soft spot for them. Their only weakness is their rookie quarterback Sanchez, but good defense can counter suspect QB play just ask the 2000 Baltimore Ravens. Jets: 20 Bengals: 17

Saturday Late - Eagles at Cowboys. Another week 17 rematch. Last week the Eagles had everything to play for, a first round bye, but they went to Dallas and absolutely laid an egg. The Cowboys are playing really well, particularly due to the emergence of their young stud WR Miles Austin. Still not a Romo fan, but he'll win this week and big. Eagles: 10 Cowboys: 27

Sunday Early - Ravens at Patriots. The best game of the weekend. The Patriots are back, but they are fully back? One cannot help but feel that this is an dynasty on the downside of things. The injury to Welker is a major issue to them, as he was Brady's main safety valve, 3rd and 6+ is going to be more difficult for them to convert now. The Ravens D, whether it is all reputation, is still very formidable, and will keep the Brady-Moss connection in check, whether they can get their offense running behind Flacco will be the really deciding factor. Ravens: 17 Patriots: 13 in a really great game.

Sunday Late: Packers at Cardinals. This is the end of the line for the defending NFC champs (who got the Steeler's officiating treatment in last year's Super Bowl, too - but that is another post). The loss of Bouldin to injury hurts them, but not as much as Welker's injury to NE, and the radio said that there is a good chance that he still plays. But that will be no matter. The Packers are really feeling it right now, and have been riding a wave for the entire 2nd half of the season. A wave they caught after going 0-2 in the Favre games. Look for the Packers to do their part to head towards another showdown in Minnesota. Packers: 35 Cardinals: 17

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  1. For me, The Packers-Cardinals game is the real test. The Cardinals have every incentive to hand us our asses. They don't suck. So if the O-line holds against them, the O-Line is working (until Chad Clifton or Mark Tauscher's bodies give out, anyway). GO PACK GO!