Friday, January 15, 2010

Divisonal Round

Well I am back, it took another week but I am back. It looks like I am turning this into a sports blog. Which is kind of boring but maybe the direction this thing is headed, because frankly I haven’t been following politics as close without an election, and what else I am to write about? How cute my kids are? Vain. Earthquake in Haiti? Way too depressing. Pacific Garbage Patch? Again, way too depressing.

Besides it is the NFL playoffs and I went 3 for 4 last week and the one I lost (GB/AZ) went to OT and could’ve gone either way. The Cardinals were straight up lucky to have gotten past the Packers last Sunday. Everybody is talking about what a great game it was, but was it really? It was only really a game from the 10 minute mark in the 3rd quarter, when the Packers brought it within 3 scores and then recovered their onside kick. It was a helluva entertaining game from then on. The officiating i was lousy. The face-masking on Rogers on the game winning play should’ve been called, but Rogers should’ve connected on the first play of the OT, and despite what Whitlock says here, I don’t think Favre makes that play. So without further ado here are this weekend’s picks.

Cardinals(+7) at Saints: The Saints have been sucking for weeks now, but the Cardinals are just lucky to be here. The Saints are the better team, and they will get it done at home in an entertaining game, I don’t think New Orleans covers though.

Ravens (+6.5) at Colts: The Ravens are a bunch of bad mother fuckers. It is just that simple. Driving last Sunday, I was listening to the end of the Bal/NE game, and heard Terrell Suggs in a on-field post-game interview say “We came here, with the intention to kick their ass and that is what we did”. Indeed sir. The Ravens proved the old Tyson adage: “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth” - true. Last weekend the Ravens squared up and landed Brady and Belicheck right on the kisser. I expect them to bring the ruckus again Saturday, and I expect Manning to collapse under the pressure. It is a pity, Manning is great player, but his team decided to let their foot off of the gas with an undefeated season still on the table. That was a mistake and I think that everyone is now figuring it out, now. The Ravens win, in the game of the weekend.

Cowboys (+2.5) at Vikings: The media and the sportsbook seems to think that this will be the best game of the weekend, I don’t. The Cowboys are rolling, and I expect them to keep on rolling. The Vikings, like the Saints, have been slumping the last half of the season, but unlike the Saints they do not have a favorable match-up. Their o-line doesn’t look as strong as before and they are not running the ball like they use to. Adrian Peterson is not the #1 fantasy pick next year. Favre is 40+ and is showing every day of it. He slowed down at the end of last season, and this year too. He won’t be able to get it done now. Who are his WR’s there? Bernard Berrian? That ain’t gonna do it, and unless Peterson and Hutch can find the magic again, Minnesota is in a lot of trouble. Cowboys roll and win by 3 scores.

Jets (+7) at Chargers: This game is the only real sure thing this weekend. The Jets are hot but caught a few breaks to get themselves “hot” and into the playoffs. They had 2 teams lay down for them down the stretch, and then faced a Bengal team who stopped playing good football after Thanksgiving, and had a QB with a bad thumb. The Chargers never let off the gas all year, and are rolling, they have a dynamic QB, who is a “red ass” (new sportsradio term), two great RBs, a fantastic receiver in Vincent Jackson, and a great TE in Antonio Gates. Chargers roll, and this will be over by the third quarter. If I was a betting man I’d say bet the mortgage, but don’t blame me if you lose your house. Besides judging from the housing statistics I’m reading, most of the country's house are taking on water anyway.

Playoff Picks: 3-1

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