Monday, June 28, 2010

3 kitties on the shirt

I texted Hirthler yesterday that: "the USA would win a World Cup before England". Seems the US is at the same level as "mighty" England today. We drew with them, won our group, and were both bounced in round of 16, and to top it off I'm thinking the colonies are on the come, and the crown on the decline.

This guys seems to think it is England's inflated sense of self that is the problem, and he maybe onto something there.

But it won't change, I wonder if the English have that much self-awareness to make that change. It would take an army of Morrisseys to have that island face the fact that they just aren't as good as they continue to insist that they are. Part of the problem is the English love affair with it's tabloid media. Which is amazing, granted. The Suns, and News-s of the World love to tell their readership, over and over again how great English football is. And sadly the English delude themselves into beliving it. So much so that their football prowress, has become a part of their identity. No matter how great Lampard and Terry supposedly are, accomplishments in club footballand how much attention they get in the press. Today and from where I'm sitting, they're just looking like a pastier versions Donovan and Dempsey to me.

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